Thursday, October 12, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Lucas K Phase 4

During the course of this semester, I have aimed to focus on two main themes through the lens of my project. The first is the idea is that of shifting densities in the lower east side. Wether it was a shift in the density of population or the buildings and infrastructure, the L.E.S has always been a place of great density. A great density that allowed the demographic of people living here to become a great mix of all sorts of different cultures. My project in a lot of ways, especially inside my units became about the negation of space between the peoples of this neighborhood. This resulting negotiation has become a large part of the very cultural fabric of this neighborhood.

The second large idea that I wanted to focus on this semester was a political one. In recent years, especially after this past election cycle, the vast political divide in this nation has become ever more apparent. I wanted to address this divide from a programatic angle. By this I mean, I sought to bring together students from middle america and immigrants/ refugees, particularly of an LGBTQ background, to create a space of bonding and culture understanding. In theory, this small conversation would spark a larger distribution of the idea that no matter how different another culture may seem to us we all share a great amount of common ground. 

Final Review - Two Bridges

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reclaiming and Connecting the Lower East Side


Concept diagram

Site Analysis of existing urban conditions 


Roads taken over to create block aggregations 
New Retail, Residential Buildings, and Enhanced Connections 

Proposed green spaces 

Allen Street Section 

Master Axon and renders

Class composite map

 Hybrid Model 

Block Infill